How to Record Screen on iPhone


Smartphone screen recording and screenshots have become extremely useful for a variety of purposes, including the offline creation of an electronic airline boarding pass and the capture of an error message when the user requires assistance. The ability to record both the sound and everything that is being displayed on the screen can be just as useful as screenshots in the age of gaming and social media.

To record a screen on an iPhone, a third-party application was required in the past. However, with iOS 11, recording a screen is now an option that only needs to be enabled.

The user only needs to go to the settings, tap Control Center, and then scroll down to the “Screen Recording” option to enable the feature. It can be added to the Control Center options by tapping the plus sign on the left.

The user must swipe down from the Control Center, which is located in the top right corner of the screen. There, the screen recorder will be displayed as a solid dot surrounded by a circle at the bottom of the options.

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To begin using the screen recording feature, the user must tap the recording icon, which will initiate a three-second countdown to go at desired recording location.