Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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How to make technology work for your family?


Everything has its pro and cons and same is with Technology. Undoubtedly, it has made our lives extremely easy yet there are a few things to worry about. With the application of technology in almost every field, technology empowers kids of all ages. Apart from rendering tools that help children learn in fun and engaging ways, it helps in expressing their creativity and letting them stay connected with each other.

Simultaneously, it is obvious for parents to worry about their children as the access to inappropriate content is easy on the internet. In usual situations what works the best is a balanced and enduring approach towards these new and unknown challenges.

Maintaining Balance

The most important step, according to Adam Alter, a psychologist, and an author, says “is to establish a balanced or sustainable relationship with tech.” You can liken it to aiming for a healthy diet, but the older kids understand the concept of balance intuitively – they know that it’s important to eat healthy foods alongside candy and dessert, and the same is true of the ‘empty calories’ that come from spending too much time passively gazing at screens.

Becoming a Role Model

Not only children, but technology also entice elders. Checking our phone every now and then, surfing the internet, watching favorite shows or movies, and indulging in distracted walking while cell phones in hands have become a casual habit. Children tend to copy their elders’ behavior along with the feeling of competing with these devices to gain attention.

To avoid inculcating a feeling of negligence in your child, you need to ‘limit a little’ the use of technology and draw a line between your work time and personal time, especially with your children. While picking or dropping your child from school, after reaching home from work, during lunch and dinners, when you are out at family picnics, vacations or get-togethers; make sure that you are not glued with your phone or laptops at these time.