Hour One Raised $20-Million Series A Funding To Accelerate Virtual Twin Technology


Hour One, a company generating Artificial Intelligence (AI) video powered by the virtual human characters announced that, the company has raised a Series A funding round of 20 million dollars for the purpose of putting more virtual hums in the virtual workplace. This round had been led by Insight Partners, a private equity and venture capital company based in New York, US along with the participation from Galaxy Interactive, Kindred Ventures, Remagine Ventures, Semble Ventures, Cerca Partners and Eynat Guez.

This Series A funding round is going to be used for enhancement and streamlining the process of becoming a virtual human on the platform, which is making it possible for any mobile device along with studio quality video erection and complete automation.

This can also be done by using the recently launched Reals of Hour One, which is a first-of-its-kind self-service platform that is enabling the businesses for creating the video led by human automatically in just a matter of minutes.

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The artificial intelligence platform of Hour One, converts the people into the virtual human characters that can possibly be activated with the expressiveness like life for a range of the commercial and professional use cases in any language.

Oren Aharon, Founder and CEO of Hour One said, the ability for easily turning any person into a character of virtual world that can further be activated by just using a text is completely going to transform the way in which the businesses and their customers are engaging with each other.