Honeywell to Invest in Rhino Health USA to Increase Nitrile Exam Gloves Domestic Production


Rhino Health USA announced that Honeywell has finalized the terms to invest in and take an ownership interest in Rhino Health USA to provide support for its US operations for nitrile gloves, which serve industrial, healthcare, and government customers. Honeywell is also bringing its manufacturing, personal protective equipment (PPE), and supply chain technical knowledge to help Rhino Health USA accelerate its ramp up and production capacity.

Mark Lee, chairman of Rhino Health USA, said they are very excited to partner with Honeywell and leverage their extensive manufacturing expertise to help them efficiently and rapidly scaling their operations. He said it is critical that they help diversify sourcing and expand production so that US healthcare systems, private sector, and government customers have better access to PPE made in the United States.

Morgan Kurk, president of PPE business at Honeywell, said the investment of Honeywell in and partnership with Rhino Health USA will strengthen the supply chain of the United States for critical PPE that is keeping healthcare workers safe. He said they are looking forward to work with Rhino Health USA, a leading provider of healthcare and medical solutions, to help prevent PPE shortages in the future.

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Rhino Health USA had been the first producer of nitrile exam gloves in the United States with manufacturing facilities situated in the southwest region of the United States, and Rhino Health USA is also committed to bring jobs and promoting economic development.