Honda to Produce its Own Electric Vehicles for North America


As the company ‘General Motors’ is going to manufacture the first two fully electric vehicles of Honda for the region of North America, as the Japanese automobile company is planning to change the course and produce its own fully electric vehicles later.

The officials of the company said, they are going to develop their own architecture of electric vehicle and after General Motors produced electric vehicle goes on sale in 2024, the company Honda is going to start building their own electric vehicles.

Dave Gardner, executive vice president of Honda for US said, it has absolutely been the intention of the company to manufacture electric vehicles in their factories, and he also said, Honda has already developed the expertise for battery manufacturing from producing the gas electric hybrids, and they have also been intending to utilise the resource.

General Motors and Honda have been partners on the hydrogen fuel cell and the electric vehicles, and in the beginning of 2021, both the companies have announced that, General Motors is going to manufacture one Acura SUV and one Honda SUV, by using the company Ultium-branded architecture of electric vehicle and battery system.

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The company said, the Honda SUV is going to be named as ‘Prologue’ and both the SUVs are going to be have the bodies, driving characteristics and interiors, that have been designed by Honda, and after the production of these two vehicles, the company ‘Honda’ is planning to manufacture its own series of electric vehicles, even though, the company has not determined if it is going to use the components of General Motors.