Honda and Sony to Build Tech-Pack Electric Vehicle in the US


Honda and Sony, are planning to jointly produce electric vehicles for the North American market by 2026. Sony’s expertise in consumer electronics will mix well with Honda’s deep bench in manufacturing cars. The electric vehicle, with its motors and battery pack mounted below the vehicle, offers a new interior layout, and entertainment possibilities.

The new vehicles will be premium electrics, which will be built at a North American Honda plant for the domestic market, and also exported to Japan. Honda said, it will construct a new 3.5 billion dollars electric vehicle production facility that will employ 2,200 workers.

Honda will also spend 700 million on retooling its existing plants in Ohio to produce electric vehicles, and the company is also targeting 2040 for its full transition to EVs. According to Honda and Sony, the reason they chose North America is because it is a more advanced region.

Yasuhide Mizonu, who will be CEO of Honda and Sony Mobility, said that North America is a market with a lot of purchasing power, and production in Japan can come later. The order for the new electric vehicles will start in early 2025.

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