Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Holmusk Partnered With Mental Healthcare Provider Based in US

The company ‘Holmusk’, a behavioral health technology provider in Singapore and Metrocare Services based in the United States has partnered for using the company’s real-world data platform in the process of enhancing the mental health care.

The company Metrocare, which has been a leading provider of the mental health and developmental disability services in the region of Texas, and this partnership has been made for the use of NeuroBlu, which has been a data platform that is featuring a clinical data set of more than 20 years that have been derived from over half million patients across the world.

The NeuroBlu has been responsible for synthesizing the data by using the proprietary analytics, along with the natural language processing and also the predictive disease models that have been designed for the behavioral health.

By offering the data, digital solutions and analytics, the platform of Holmusk helps in improving the engagement of the patients along with providing support to the self-management of the disease and also capturing the outcomes of capturing the outcomes of the reported patients.

Dr. John W. Burruss, chief executive officer at Metrocare said that, as being the largest provider of the behavioral healthcare in the northern region of Texas, along with the predictive analytics that has been allowing them for being even more proactive in the process of responding to the needs of the community and also prioritizing the care for the patient.