Head of Concept ‘David Sanchez’ Quits Ferrari F1 Team


According to reports, after more than ten years at Maranello, the Scuderia’s Head of Vehicle Concept David Sanchez has resigned. He joined the Italian F1 team in October 2012.

He supplanted Dirk de Lager four years after the fact, prior to continuing on toward lead the whole streamlined features division in 2019. David Sanchez was made Chief Engineer in 2021, which gave him responsibility for the F1-75 of last year and the SF-23 of this year.

The departure of David Sanchez will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the Ferrari season, particularly on the SF-23’s development program. Due to the lengthy periods of gardening that senior figures in the industry who work in other teams are obligated to, a possible replacement will need to be found within the Ferrari Racing Division, at least temporarily.

A prolonged period of gardening will have to be respected by David Sanchez himself. As per bits of gossip gathered by Motorsport Italy, the eventual fate of the French specialist ought to be in an English group.

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As a result, it appears that the French engineer has been considering this option for some time rather than making it in the wake of the disappointing Bahrain Grand Prix. When David Sanchez designed the SF70H in support of Simone Resta, he was one of the key figures behind the 2017 Ferrari Fi car and one of the reference figures of the Mattia Binotto era.