Halogen Lightbulb Sales to be Banned in United Kingdom


Under the climate change plans of the government of United Kingdom, the sales of the halogen lightbulbs are going to be banned in the country from September 2021, followed with the fluorescent lights. UK officials said, this move of the government of UK is going to cut 1.26 million tons of the carbon emissions a year and will also deliver consumer savings.

The government of United Kingdom started with phasing out the sales of the high-energy halogen lightbulbs in 2018 under the rules across European Union, and now the retailers in the United Kingdom are no longer going to be able to sell most of the remaining halogen bulbs in the country.

The legislation, that has been launched for the plans is being brought ahead in June 2021 by the government of United Kingdom, and this is going to provide help to continue with the shift to the low-energy LED lightbulbs, that generally accounts for around 50 percent sales across the United Kingdom, and it is also expected that, the LEDs can possibly account for 85 percent of all bulbs sold by 2030 in the country.

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The new legislation is also going to include the moves for phasing out the high-energy fluorescent lightbulbs, which are including the strip lights that are commonly found in the offices along with a view for bringing an end to their sale from the month of September 2023, and there had been a time, when the humble light bulb had become the centre of a political storm that have emerged over the green madness in the country.