Government: US Will Now Immediately Lift International Travel Restrictions


According to an official of US government, in spite of the growing and intense pressure from the travel industry from Europe and other countries and also warnings of the economic consequences, the government of the United States of America is having no immediate plans for lifting the international travel restriction amid the novel corona virus pandemic.

The government official said, they have been successful in making great progress domestically in the covid-19 vaccination efforts in US, just like many of the other countries, but they now want to make sure that, they are going to move deliberately, and the United States is now in the positions for sustainably re-opening the international travel, when it will be completely safe.

The statement from the government comes just one month after the government of United States have launched the integration of the working groups with the European Union, Mexico, Canada, and United Kingdom for the purpose of examining how to ease or lift the international travel restrictions and resume travel.

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These working groups have met for a number of times and there are still more further discussions are left to be done before the US government can possibly announce any further plans or steps on the resumption of travel with any country.

Roger Dow, CEO and President of US Travel Association said, the travel industry of US has been agreeing for getting the guidance by the science, which has been the right approach, and the science has been telling the government of US that, it is absolutely possible to re-open the international travel in a safe way.