Government: US to Miss Covid-19 Vaccine Target of 4th July 2021


On Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, the United States of America is likely going to fail for meeting the goal of Joe Biden, President of US, for delivering at least one dose of the novel corona virus vaccine to around 70 percent of the adult people in the country by 4th July 2021, and they have also warned that, the Delta variant of the novel corona virus has now been possessing the greatest threat to the efforts of the United States.

The officials also said, the administration of Joe Biden has been poised for meeting the target for the vaccinating the people, who are above 27 years of age and older on 4th July 2021, which is the Independence Day of US, but they are likely going to fall short of the target of Joe Biden.

Jen Psaki, press secretary of Whitehouse said, for now their main focus has been continuing their efforts among the groups and the demographics since the beginning, where they are going to be needing some extra assistance, and Jeffrey Zients, senior advisor of covid-19 for the Whitehouse said, it is likely going to take some weeks beyond 4th July 2021 for meeting the targets of vaccination of Joe Biden.

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He also said, the United States of America has more work to do, especially with the people coming under the age group of 18 to 26 years, and the reality is that, several of the young people in the country have felt like, the novel corona virus pandemic has not been something that will be impacting them, and they have always been less eager for getting a shot of the novel corona virus vaccine.