Government To Spend $3-Billion To Boost EVs And Battery Production In US


The government of the United States is going to be allocating more than 3 billion dollars in the infrastructure funding for the purpose of financing the electric vehicles battery manufacturing in the United States.

These funds are going to be allocated by the US Department of Energy from the infrastructure of 1 trillion dollars bill that has been signed by Joe Biden in 2021, and among the initiatives is going to be processing of the minerals for using in the large-capacities batteries and also recycling those batteries.

According to the reports, Joe Biden wants half of the vehicles sold to be electric by the year 2030, which has been goal he is hoping that will be boosting the unionised manufacturing jobs in the main election battlegrounds states, and also decreasing the carbon emissions changing the climate.

The administration of Joe Biden has also been positioning the measures as a step for the purpose of securing the energy independence and also decreasing the long-term inflation pressures that has been exacerbated by the invasion of Russia in Ukraine.

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A coordinator of the government of the United States said, as they are facing this price increase on oil and gas and it has also been important for noting that, the electric vehicles is going to be cheaper over the long haul of the families of the United States. This latest funding is going to help in establishing the battery factories in the United States.