Government Set to Remove Final Covid-19 Restrictions in UK


Boris Johnson, prime minister of United Kingdom, has now been expected to announce a further relaxation in the novel corona virus restrictions imposed in the United Kingdom, in spite of a daily increase in the corona virus cases related to the Delta variant of the novel corona virus, and Boris Johnson said, people of the country must learn to live with the novel corona virus and exercise the judgement as they go back to their daily lives.

The government of Boris Johnson is now expected for moving ahead with the final stage of the four-step relaxation plan of novel corona virus lockdown and also to restore the freedoms of the people of UK, and the fourth step of the plan, scheduled for coming into effect on 19th July 2021, generally means the removal of the mask wearing rules, along with the return of large events and ending the social distancing rules.

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On Sunday, 4th July 2021, Boris Johnson said in a statement, thanks to all the successful rollout of their corona virus vaccination program, because of which they are now able to progress cautiously through their roadmap, and now they are going to be setting out how they can be able to re-store the freedom of the people of United Kingdom as they reach step four of the plan.

Boris Johnson also said, the novel corona virus pandemic is not over and the new Delta covid-19 variant cases are going to increase in the coming weeks, as they are now starting to learn how to live with the virus, and the people of the country must continue to start managing the risks from corona virus carefully.