Google To Pay $118-Million To Settle Gender Discrimination Lawsuit


Google said, the company is very pleased for settling without admission of the wrongdoing, which is a class-action lawsuit that argued it as underpaid female employees and has also assigned them lower rank positions.

The 118 million dollars settlement is going to be covering around 15,500 female employees who has been working for the company in the region of California since the month of September 2013, and the company has also agreed for a third party for purpose of analysing its hiring and compensation practices as a part of the settlement.

In a statement, Google said, as they strongly believe in the equity of their policies and practices after around five years of litigation and both the sides has also agreed that, the resolution of the matter without any admission and findings and had also been in the best interest of everyone and they are very pleased for reaching this particular agreement.

According to the copy of the agreement, Google has denied all of the allegations in the lawsuit and is also maintaining that, it has fully been complied with all the applicable laws along with the rules and regulations at all the times.

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Previously in 2021, the company ‘Google’ has agreed to pay 3.8 million dollars to the Department of Labor of the United States over the accusations the company had discriminated against the women and Asian people.