Google to Launch ChatGPT Rival Bard


To compete with ChatGPT, Google is launching the AI-powered chatbot known as Bard. The company said that Bard will be used by a group of testers before being made available to the general public in the coming weeks.

Bard is based on Google’s existing large language model Lamda, whose responses, according to one engineer, were so human-like that he believed they were sentient. Additionally, the tech conglomerate announced new AI tools for its existing search engine. Although there are concerns that this could also contain offensive content and false information, they use the internet as a huge database of knowledge.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that, Bard is seeking to combine the breadth of global knowledge with the intelligence, creativity, and power of their large language models. Sundar Pichai made it clear that he wanted Google’s AI services to be bold and responsible, but he did not go into detail about how Bard would stop sharing content that was bad or abusive.

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He stated that the platform will initially run on a lightweight Lamda version that requires less power to enable simultaneous use by more users. Following Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar investment in the company that developed the AI chatbot, OpenAI, there had been widespread rumors that Microsoft would soon incorporate the AI chatbot ChatGPT into its search engine Bing.

Based on information obtained from the internet as it existed in 2021, ChatGPT is able to respond to inquiries and carry out requests via text. It is capable of producing songs, speeches, advertising copy, news articles, and student essays. Although it costs the company a few cents each time someone uses it, it is currently accessible to everyone for free. In addition to the free access, OpenAI recently announced a subscription tier.