Google to Invest $740-million in Australia


The US-based technology giant ‘Google’ has had a controversial relationship with the government of Australia in the year 2021, along with the company at one point, which has been threatening to stop the ‘Google Search’ from the country of Australia. When the company ‘Google’ had announced that, it is going to be investing around 740 million dollars in the digital infrastructure in the upcoming five years.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google said that, they are now wanting to help the country of Australia for shaping the coming wave of the innovations and he also said that, the money is also going to go towards the future development if the cloud infrastructure of Australia, for creating the first research hub of Google for the purpose of establishing the local partnerships that has been tackling the global and local issues such as energy production along with finding the new ways for the protection of the Great Barrier Reef.

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While speaking at the offices of Google in Sydney, Scott Morrison, prime minister of Australia has also called the investment a one-billion-dollar vote of confidence in the Digital Economy Strategy of Australia. This strategy has also been an initiative by the government of Australia for investing in the blockchain, quantum computing and several other related technologies.

Scott Morrison said, he has been particularly appreciating the approach, which the company ‘Google’ has now taken for the purpose of dealing with some more difficult issues in the reference to the spat of his government along with the technology giant ‘Google’ earlier 2021.

He also said, but they have now been working through the government spat and he think that, they have now got the right and expected result for the both the citizens of the country and also for the future of technology, which they all want to embrace.