Google to Introduce Third-Party Payments to Bumble, Spotify


Google is starting to launch support for third-party payments on popular apps, including Bumble and Spotify. Google’s user-choice billion feature will also be expanding to more countries, including the United States.

The user choice billing of Google was also announced for countries such as India previously, and is now also expanding to non-gaming apps starting with Bumble and Spotify. Other countries of the program including Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, the USA, Japan, and also the European Economic Area.

According to Google, they have been working closely with the team of Spotify, and are excited to announce that they started rolling out a primary test implementation of user choice billing to the users in selected countries. The change is also expected to show up in these apps soon in the future.

With this change, the users purchasing a subscription in Bumble and Spotify will be able to pay for the same with using portals of Google, even though it remains to be seen what other options will be available in India, and the users should likely be able to pay through an accepted card or online payment portals.

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Google also announced that it will be adding more ways to do purchase for Android apps instead of the default method, which limits the users to pay through Google’s own portal. Since then, many apps have been vocal about the limited billing options of Google, which that is also the reason why services such as Netflix require people to obtain a subscription from a website.