Google Shuts Translation Services in China


Google announced that it will be shutting down the Google Translate service in mainland China, as of the low usage in the country. According to Google, they are discontinuing Google Translate services in mainland China because of the low usage.

According to the reports, the Hong Kong version of the translation service is not accessible in the area without a virtual private network. Notably, China is accused of collecting large amount of personal data from millions of citizens with the intention of designing a system where they can find out the identity of a person that will help the government in maintaining authoritarian rule.

However, the government of China never admitted to the surveillance, and the details of the spy technologies at work inside China are emerging from surveillance contractor patents, police research papers, and presentations, and also public procurement documents.

The main drawback about the surveillance is has been its patent illegality, and often people does not know they are being watched. The Chinese authorities also interfere in the privacy citizens without permission.

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The new measures are the beginning of China’s efforts to expand data control outside its boundaries, and Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat and TikTok have also come under media scrutiny because of surveillance.