Google Planning to Invest Billion in New Data Centers and Offices in US


Google said that, it is planning to invest around 9.5 billion dollars across the company’s offices and data centers in the United States in 2022, which has been up from 7 billion dollars in 2021.

The company ‘Google’ said that, the investment is going to be creating at least 12,000 full-time jobs in the year 2022 along with focus on the data centers in many states which is including Virginia, Nevada and Nebraska. The company is going to be opening a new office in Atlanta in the year 2022 and also expanding its data center in the Story County located in the region of Nevada.

In a statement, Google said that, it might seem counterintuitive for the purpose of stepping up their investment in the physical offices even as they are embracing more flexibility in how they have been working. Google also said that, they believe it has been more important than ever for investing in the campuses in the company.

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Google has also been trying for bringing back its employees for some of the offices of the company in the United States, the United Kingdom and region of Asia Pacific by mandating the working from office for around three days a week, which is a step by ending the policies that is letting the employees to work remotely because of the corona virus concerns.