Google Lens To Be Added In Google Chrome Search


Google has also been working for better integrating its visual search tools from the Google Lens into the company’s browser for enabling the new types of searches that can possibly identify what the users will see and not just searching for the things the users will type.

Google is rolling out a new way for the purpose of using the Google Lens on the desktop and instead of opening a new tab for performing a search and the users are going to be able for using the Lens on the same page in the Chrome browser for doing things such as translation of a text in an image along with identifying an object in an image and also getting the original source from an image.

In the past, Google had also offered the capabilities of Lens in the Google Photos and Image search on the web but the company’s fullest offering had been on the mobile devices. In April 2022, Google has also launched the Lens-powered multi-search capabilities on the mobile that is allowing the users for search with both the images and text combined and it is also hinting at the broader plans of the company for further investing in the Lens technology for making searches for feeling more natural.

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The company has also announced that, it is going to be integrating Google Lens with Google Chrome on the desktop as well as in the upcoming months, and this update is going to be allowing the users of Chrome users on desktop for the right-click on any of the image on a web page and then going to the new menu option known as Search image with the Google Lens.