Google Launches its Brand-New Android 12 OS


Google has launched the new Android 12, and with the Android 12 operating system, which has been mostly been used mobile operating system that has been continuing the steady march of carving out the system’s unique selling points along with finding the differentiators from the iOS system of Apple.

This new operating system is available for the models including Pixel 3 and above, and this operating system has been beefing up some of the key strengths in the Android operating system, along with adding some of the new features in the way. The Android 12 operating system includes the algorithms for colour extraction that helps everything including the settings, notifications, widgets, lock screen and also different applications.

The Android 12 will be launched in the Pixel smart phones and then on the other devices of different companies, and the Android 12 has also been enabling the users to keep their precise location private and secured from the other applications that strictly need an approximate location for the purpose of working their magic.

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The Android 12 has also been able to add the additional features for the purpose of locking down the apps, which the user has forgotten about, by revoking the permissions from the apps automatically after several months of not using the apps. The Android 12 operating system has also divided the connection between the Bluetooth and the Location and the operating system is also able to make that process possible at a particular time period.