Google Develops Camera System For Historical Street View


While celebrating the 15th anniversary of Google Street View, the company has launched a new camera system that can possibly capture a 360 degrees view of the world, and the this new system can also capture the images of the mountain tops, along with remote islands, local towns and also the under-mapped areas of the such as Amazon jungles.

One of the many unique features of Google Street View has been the time capsule of the places and whether user are having Android or iOS systems and the users can now tap on a place and also get a historical view of that particular place.

The users are also going to be able for seeing how it had been looking in a specific year and how the area has been evolved and the people are also going to be able for seeing the street view imagers.

For using the feature, the users have to tap on a place and then select the see more dates and the users will be able to see the images till 2007, which has been the introductory year of the Google Street View. One of the other takeaway features of Google Street view has been that, it is portable and modular and According to Google, it has roughly been the size of a house cat.

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Although it has been small, it can also take his resolution and process them and it is weighing 15 pounds and can also be house different camera components.