Google Cloud and Verizon to Partner for Delivering 5G Mobile Edge Computing


Google Cloud and Verizon have partnered for the purpose of bringing the power if the cloud closer to the mobile and other connected devices at the edge of the network of the Verizon.

With the help of 5G Edge along with the Google Distributed Cloud Edge, and the company ‘Verizon’ has been planning to bring the storage and compute services of Google to the edge of the local network for enabling the low latency and bandwidth that is required for supporting the applications of real-time enterprise like the intelligent logistics, factory automation and autonomous mobile robots.

The companies are estimating that, this integration of the private On Site 5G and private 5G Edge of Verizon with the Google Distributed Cloud Edge is going to be enabling the enterprises in the industries from the retail to the manufacturing process for the purpose of unlocking the power of the mobile edge computing and 5G along with gaining the operational effectiveness, improved productivity, high levels of security and reliability.

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Google Cloud and Verizon are also planning to develop the public 5G mobile edge computing for the enterprises and the developers, and the public 5G Edge solution is also having the potential for enabling the developers for deploying and building the applications at the edge of wireless network of Verizon in the different locations across the United States.

Rima Qureshi, chief strategy officer at Verizon said, by working with partners like Ericsson and Google Cloud, they are going to build the 5G edge computing ecosystem, which will be enabling the enterprises in several industries for the purpose getting the benefits from having a dedicated edge compute infrastructure and private network on the premise.