Google Chrome To Remove Data Saving Mode on Android Devices


The technology company has now announced, it is soon going to be removing a feature of Google Chrome for the users of Android, which helped the people for cutting on their usage of the mobile data, and the Per 9to5Google, which has been Lite mode of Google Chrome is going to go away with the release of the M100 version of Chrome in month of March 2022, and the Lite Mode had been originally known as the Data Saver when the company has firstly introduced on the Android system in the year 2014.

But, the company has been no longer seeing much reason for the purpose of keeping the option around, and the unlimited data plans have also once again the norm, and the company has also been claiming that, the Google Chrome has been continuing to reduce back on the usage of the data with the default settings.

The company ‘Google’ said that, in recent years they have been seeing a decrease in the cost for the mobile data in most of the countries and they have also shipped several improvements to the Google Chrome for the purpose of further minimizing the usage of the data and also improving the web page loading.

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Even though, the Lite mode has been going away and they also remain committed for making sure that Google Chrome can possibly be delivering a fast experience of loading the webpage on the mobile.