Google Appeals against 500 million Euros Fine from Antitrust Watchdog of France


On Wednesday, 1st September 2021, Google said, it had been appealing against a fine of 500 million, which has been imposed on Google by the antitrust watchdog of France in the month of July 2021, because of a dispute with the local media about the payment for the news content.

The fine from the antitrust watchdog of France come amid the increasing pressure on the online platforms including Facebook and Google, a part of Alphabet Inc, for the purpose of sharing more detailed information of the revenue, which they companies are making by using the news of the media outlets.

Sebastian Missoffe, head of Google, France said, they are continuing to work hard for the purpose of resolving this case and they are also putting the deals in the place, and the deals also include the expansion offers to 1,200 publishers, along with sharing more data and clarifying the of their contracts as they are requested by the Competition Authority of France.

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The antitrust watchdog of France has also imposed the sanction on the company ‘Google’ for failing to company with the orders of the watchdog on how to conduct the meetings and talks with the publishers, and the competition watchdog of France said, the appeal of Google, that is going to be ruled on by the court of appeal of Paris, is not going to hold up the fine, which the technology company of the United States still pay, and the watchdog cannot say that, how long the process of the appeal is going to take.