Global Supply Chain Breakdown that Hit the United Kingdom


The treats of a Christmas catastrophe featuring the empty shelves in the supermarket and less toys under the tree have only been increasing the anxiety among the stressed customers of the United Kingdom amid a breakdown in the supply chain.

The country of United Kingdom has been newly recovering from a shortage of fuel, which has been caused by a lack of the HGV Drivers, at the time of which the motorists have been fighting on the forecourt and have also formed the groups on Facebook for the purpose of finding the stocked-up petrol stations.

As many people in the country are experiencing the chaos as the evidence that, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union has been ending in the disarray as the shipment of the goods between the continent of Europe and United Kingdom, that has been responsible in causing the breakdown that is extending much in the future.

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Richard Ballantyne, chief executive of the British Ports Association by referring to the current challenges at the ports of the United Kingdom said, the United Kingdom is not going to be alone in the suffering of these problems, and this has not been a Brexit issue, and he also said that, it had been unfair for saying that, the border controls from leaving the European Union has been a cause of this.

He also said, the problems at the ports of the United Kingdom has been an issue responsible for stretching across the globe as the world has been struggling to recover from the novel corona virus lockdowns along with a shortage of the drivers of the lorry in most of the countries.