Glencore to Invest in UK’s Battery Start-Up Britishvolt


As the energy transition and mobility in United Kingdom accelerates, there has been an increased demand for the metals used in battery like copper, nickel and cobalt, and the company ‘Glencore’ has been already dominating this segment by being one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of these metals.

David Brocas, head cobalt trader at Glencore said, they are very happy for partnering with Britishvolt, which is a pioneer in the electric vehicle battery manufacturing and production in the United Kingdom.

Orral Nadjari, founder and CEO of Britishvolt said, this partnership has been a huge step in the right direction for the company as they have been looking to accelerate the energy transition to a low carbon society, and by partnering with Glencore, they have successfully locked in the supply and also saving the project from various risk.

Glencore has announced, the company has entered into a long-term partnership with the company ‘Britishvolt’, the foremost investor in the technologies of lithium-ion battery cells and research and development across United Kingdom, and it is also going to deal with the supply of cobalt, that is sourced responsibly.

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The partnership has been representing a large milestone for the company ‘Britishvolt’ on the quest of the company for assisting the vehicle OEMs on the roadmap to electrification, and by securing one of the main ingredients of the battery from the cobalt brands of Glencore, the company ‘Britishvolt’ has been significantly decreasing the risk of its operation by getting the long-term security of supply across the business of the company.