Germany’s Infineon Expects Semiconductor Chip Shortage Until 2023


Reinhard Ploss, chief executive of Infineon, largest battery chip producing company in Germany is now expecting that, the current shortage in the supply of chips across the globe is going to last till 2023.

Reinhard Ploss said, the end in the shortage of the chips has been depending not only on the demand but also on how quick the capacity of manufacturing of the chips can be expanded across the globe, and the construction of the new sites and plants, where the wafers made from silicon can possibly be processed into the chips could possibly take around two and a half years.

He also said, upgradation of the existing chip manufacturing plants would be requiring around a year, and in the areas, where they have no choice to wait for the new production of the semiconductor chips, the shortage might be stretched till 2023, and Reinhard Ploss has estimated that, the capacity had been around 20 percent less of the demand currently in the chip industry of the mobile telephony and in other areas the shortage is around 10 percent.

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Reinhard Ploss said, but they are also going to need certain amount of better and more flexible capacity, and without the flexibility, the system is going to be under continuous and constant stress, and an increase in the demand for the electronics used in the houses during the lockdowns caused by the novel corona virus along with the temporary closures of the factories have been responsible in putting the pressure on the supplies of the semiconductor chips across the globe.