Germany’s GFT Expands its Digital Transformation Services in North America


GFT, a software engineering and Information Technology services company based in the region of Stuttgart, Germany, has now set its sights on the market of North America, where the company is anticipating some exponential growth for the digital transformation services of the company.

GFT has selected Marco Santos, president of GFT for Latin America and United States for the purpose of leading the expansion of GFT in the region of North America, and previously Marco Santos has also directed a growth campaign in the Latin American countries and Brazil.

GFT is now looking for a similar growth campaign in Canada and the United States, and currently GFT is employing 300 people on the offices in the regional headquarters based in New York, as wells as in Quebec City, Toronto and Boston, and Marco Santos said, the group executive board of GFT have given him the task for creating a new exponential journey in the region of the United States of America.

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Marco Santos said, the task give to him is not simple, and the United States market has been the prime league, which is having some of the most competitive market in the world in terms of the information technology.

Marco Santos also said, the competitive differentiator of the company is now also including the scale and agility, and GFT has been following an agile approach for the development against a waterfall methodology, for the purpose of providing the digital transformation services in North America, and the company is also creating a minimum viable product for its customers.