Germany to Lift Travel Warning for Most Countries from 1st July 2021


The government of Germany is going to be lifting the novel corona virus pandemic travel warning for most of the countries starting from 1st July 2021, and on Friday, Heiko Maas, foreign minister of Germany said, they are going to be bringing back more normal conditions as the residents of the country has been increasingly vaccinated against the novel corona virus.

The countries, that are recording the covid-19 infection rates of around 200 covid-19 cases per 100,000 people in the past seven days are no longer going to be deemed as a risk-zone, and the government of Germany will no longer going to be giving general advise against the travelling of the tourists abroad as of 1st July 2021.

Although, the restrictions are going to remain in place for the countries, which are having higher levels of the corona virus infections or where the new mutated corona virus variants are found including UK and India.

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Heiko Maas also said, as the summer arrives, the hope and confidence of the people are returning Germany, and in most of the places, the number of the novel corona virus infections have been decreasing and more people in the country are getting vaccinated, and he added that, after several months of strict corona virus lockdowns, they can now look forward to more normal conditions in the country, which is also applied to the travelling. Heiko Maas also said, the lifting of the novel corona virus warning should not be seen as an invitation to the carelessness and the travelling with a proper reason is going to be the main aim for the summer.