GE Healthcare Launches New AI and Digital Technologies to Solve Healthcare Problems


The company ‘GE Healthcare’ has launched around 60 solutions of innovative technology that are spanning the healthcare spectrum including the diagnostics, screening, guidance, monitoring and therapy planning of the patients.

Amidst the continuous increasing pressure on the industry, and the novel corona virus pandemic, the company has also accelerated the innovations that have been underpinned by the digital solutions and artificial intelligence for the purpose of helping them to transform the delivery in healthcare, along with making it easier and efficient for the healthcare systems and clinicians, and more precise and personalized for the patients.

Kieran Murphy, chief executive officer and president of GE Healthcare said, their main goal is to make the healthcare system more human by removing all the barriers so that, all the clinicians can work at their nest, and the healthcare systems can possibly operate more efficiently and also the patients can get the personalized and best care possible today.

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Kieran Murphy also said, the healthcare has been at a turning point and at GE Healthcare, they are using their clinical expertise and knowledge for the purpose of delivering the innovative solutions and technologies that can possibly help in solving the most pressing problems of healthcare along with advancing the precision health and also improving the lives of the patients.

Until now, the GE Healthcare has also developed several new solutions powered by artificial intelligence, which are also data-driven for providing help in encouraging the better confidence for the diagnostic, along with easing the burden of care and also improving the workflow for the healthcare systems.