GE Healthcare and Alliance Medical Partner To Improve Healthcare with AI in UK


GE Healthcare has partnered with Alliance Medical for the purpose of creating a new digital health solution. Under this partnership, both the companies are going to be using the advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for the purpose of bringing together the tools that is streamlining the daily management and also enabling the problem-solving, particularly for the diagnostics in the departments of radiology.

Both the companies said that, the partnership has been aiming to improve the outcomes of the patients by standardizing the protocols along with decreasing the radiation dosage required for the delivering and imaging consistent, improved care across the multiple sites. The initial agreement centers in the United Kingdom, but the GE Healthcare and the Alliance Medical has been aiming for the expansion of the model into the other geographies.

Richard Evans, managing director of Alliance Medical said that, the departments of Radiology have been facing significant challenges along with serious staff shortages being exacerbated by the lengthening patient backlogs. He also said that, the result has been the demand exceeding the capacity for delivering and there has been no solution to this problem without any innovation.

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Simon McGuire, General Manager of GE Healthcare Northern Europe said, their software has been delivering a brand-new level of the 360 visibility that is allowing the radiology departments for managing the complexity and also optimising the productivity in a way that cannot be done before.