Gary Rome Hyundai And Hyundai Hope Donates $25,000 To Combat Hunger


Hyundai Hope, corporate social responsibility initiative of Hyundai Motor America and Gary Rome Hyundai has recently donated a sum of 25,000 dollars to two of the local food banks in the region of Holyoke, Massachusetts for the purpose of combating the food insecurity in the surrounding communities during the 25th anniversary celebration of Gary Rome Hyundai.

The Food Bank of the western Massachusetts has received 10,000 dollars and the Thrive Center of Holyoke Community College has also received a donation of 5,000 dollars donation from Hyundai Hope.

Gary Rome Hyundai has also donated an additional donation of five thousand dollars to the Thrive Center of Holyoke Community College and the other two lucky guests have received 2,500 dollars each for donating towards the charity of their own choice.

Gary Rome, dealer principal of Gary Rome Hyundai said, this by far has been one of his proudest moments as a dealer of Hyundai and providing the financial support to the Holyoke and its surrounding communities along with the assistance from the Hyundai Motor America has been reassuring that, there are institutions, which are willing to give back.

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He also said that, he is looking forward for another 25 years in providing the high-quality, safe and beautiful products for their community.

The independent pantries, meal sites and shelters of the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts have been on the front lines of the emergency food assistance to the seniors, individual, families, children and the people with disabilities for leading a meaningful and healthy lives.