Fujitsu and NEC to Start Base Station O-RAN Interoperability Testing Technology in US and UK


The company Fujitsu and NEC has started the development of the technologies, which will be used for the interoperability testing between the equipment of 5G base station that has been conforming to the O-RAN specifications at the laboratories of NEC in the United Kingdom and the laboratories of the company ‘Fujitsu’ in the United States.

This initiative from the companies is also going to be implemented as a part of the post infrastructure enhancement of the research and development project of the 5G technology under the Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and New Energy of the country of Japan.

Both the companies have also scheduled for the purpose of building an environment for the purpose of verification by using these technologies in the respective laboratories from both the companies from the month August 2021 and it is also going to start the interoperability testing.

By leveraging the verification of the environment, which has been offering the potential for the purpose of significantly streamlining the verification of the interoperability between the base station equipment from the different types of the vendors, and with the help of this initiative, all the companies NEDO and Fujitsu and NEC and it is also going to accelerate the reach of the base station equipment that will be meeting the specifications of O-RAN along with contributing to the stimulation of the innovation and growth in the open 5G technology market.

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Both Fujitsu and NEC have started developing the technologies for the purpose of verifying the base station equipment interoperability at the respective laboratories in the United States and the United Kingdom.