Ford Partners with Hermes UK to Trial Car Trunk Deliveries


The carmaker Ford has signed partnership with Hermes for the purpose of piloting a car trunk delivery service at the selected locations across the United Kingdom, and the pilot known as secure delivery to vehicle is going to allow the parcels for being delivered directly to the vehicles that are located at the home address of the owners and is also offered free-of-charge to the customers with the app known as FordPass.

As this pilot expands in the country, both Ford and Hermes UK are hoping to increase the number of participants and they are going to be broadening the scope of the project, by offering the returns from the vehicle along with enabling the deliveries by vehicles at several other locations such as the work address of the customer.

At the time of shopping with the selected retailers, the people participating in the pilot project will be provided with the service called as delivery-to-vehicle, as the standard option used for the delivery, and once the driver of the delivery vehicle is within 300 meters of distance from the destination, the exact location of the vehicle of the customer will be displayed on the Hermes app.

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Within the 50 meters range, the drivers of the delivery vehicles can also scan the barcode on the parcel of the people for the purpose of creating a one-time token for the vehicle, and this is going to be enabling the driver for unlocking the deposit and boot the parcel or package of the customer.