Flights Leaving the US Grounded for Technical Issues, says British Airways


After flights that were scheduled to depart from the United States were delayed for hours, British Airways issued an apology to the passengers. According to British Airwaysa technical problem that had been affecting some of the airline’s long-haul flight planning systems overnight has now been fixed.

Birtish Airways passengers have witnessed lengthy delays and hours of waiting in airports, with flights eventually departing. British Airways apologized to its customers for the disruption to their travel plans, according to a spokesman. It is understood that there were no safety concerns and that the short-haul flights were unaffected by the technical issues.

Long-haul flights experienced lengthy delays, including those connecting Cancun, Mexico-bound flights from the United States and Canada to London’s Heathrow airport and several Gatwick airport-serving flights.

According to a Heathrow airport spokesperson, the affected flights are currently operating, but Terminal 5 is expected to be busy. They have some additional coworkers available to assist the passengers and help in their travels.

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Several passengers stated that they had been sitting in flights parked on runways for hours prior to being moved back to the airport. The passengers who had been waiting at the Heathrow airport for over three hours took to Twitter to express their frustration.