FIT Institute of Technology and Nextracker Launches Brazil Solar Center


Nextracker, the global leader in smart solar trackers in Brazil, partnered with FIT (Flex Instituto de Tecnologia) to launch the largest solar tracker research and development facility in South America known as the Brazil Center for Solar Excellence (CFSE).

This center will be officially launched in Sorocaba, Brazil on August 22, 2022. The CFSE technology hub will have the full lifecycle of solar tracker systems, including mechanical, structural, and electrical design, operation, maintenance, and construction.

CFSE researchers will also conduct in-depth research and testing on wind dynamics, tracker performance enhancement, and soil mechanics through software and battery backup systems.

The new facility includes an adjacent 770 kilowatt solar installation that serves as an outdoor laboratory for testing and prototyping new products and a workforce training center of 30,000 square meters.

Dan Shugar, founder and CEO of Nextracker, said Brazil is one of the fastest-growing solar energy markets in the world, and they have been making their electronic controllers, and key components in Brazil for more than five years, and are now investing heavily in research and development and test facilities.

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Carlos Ohde, general manager of the FIT Institute of Technology, said they are focused on design, empirical testing, and performance with the properly designed measurement and verification protocol. He added that they are very happy to partner with Nextracker as the main anchor in the research and development center to take solar energy generation to new heights.