FIFA Opens Disciplinary Case against Argentina


Following Argentina’s tense World Cup quarterfinal match against the Netherlands, FIFA has opened a disciplinary case against the players for their actions. In its disciplinary code, FIFA has cited the order and security of the match as reasons to charge Argentina’s football federation.

Lionel Messi was among the 17 players and instructing staff individuals who had been shown yellow cards later or during the game. Lionel Messi held back a little when he spoke about Mateu Lahoz because he was clearly aware that he could be punished for criticizing the official too much.

Lionel Messi stated that he does not wish to discuss referees because doing so would result in sanctions for the players. However, the players had been terrified prior to the game because of what was expected with Mateu Lahoz, and Lionel Messi is unable to express his opinion on the matter; FIFA must examine the circumstance.

Lionel Messi claims that FIFA cannot appoint a referee of that caliber to the football game when the referee is not up to the task. As the game heated up in the final minutes, when the Netherlands scored two late goals to force extra time, Argentina’s substitutes and coaches began to encroach on the field of play.

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For receiving five yellow cards during a match, FIFA stated that team misconduct charges are common, and disciplinary cases had been initiated against Argentina and the Netherlands. Argentina is reasonable getting a weighty fine for the different problem charge.