Fast Food Chains Reduced Discounts in US


As the government of the United States starts to re-open, the fast-food chains in the country have started selling new and pricier meals in a bid for boosting their sales. Many restaurants in the country including KFC and McDonald’s are decreasing the sales of their 5 dollars value food items in the favour of much more expensive combination meals between 10 dollars to 30 dollars.

The fast-food chains have adopted this strategy for the purpose of lifting the profits and sales and increasing the food costs as the economy of the United States re-opens. The value food items including soda, combination of French fries and sandwiches that were priced at 5 dollars or less, that have long been the main attraction of the fast-food offerings. The fast-food chains in the United States have been using the deal for luring the bargaining customers, along with attracting more traffic to the stores.

But the deals, that are priced at 5 dollars and below, have now become less generous in the previous 18 months. During the novel corona virus pandemic, the fast-food chains in the United States have gained market share from the other restaurants, that were forced to close as the customers have been affected through the socially distant drive-throughs for picking up the food.

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As the country have started re-opening, these fast-food chains are now selling new and more costly sandwiches and other meals to the customers, which has been a move or strategy that some of the players in the market warns that, it may affect some of the hourly workers and several other lower income customers.