Farsight Security COO Puts a Major Focus on Cybersecurity Issues, Says ‘Be Your Own Champion’


With emerging cybersecurity issues and problems, Farsight Security’s chief operating officer Alexa Raad emphases on how one can curtail cybercrime by tracking the corrupt via traces left in the Domain Name System (DNS). Having a deep knowledge of DNS, Alexa Raad is a 20-year tech industry veteran, serving as a Chief Operating Officer at a leading DNS cybersecurity solutions provider Farsight Security. She recently, in an interview published in TechNewsWorld, elaborated about solutions of the rapidly growing problem in cybersecurity.

Key Cybersecurity Issues

When asked about chief cybersecurity issues in the recent world, she told that the attacks with the ‘internet of things’, a physical network of devices, vehicles, and home appliances embedded with relevant software and sensors, is increasing rapidly. These connected devices are more prone to provide paths for cybersecurity attacks. More often, the cheaper devices are on the target as it is easy to corrupt them.

Emerging Cyberthreats

Alexa stated that Ransomware, a type of malicious software, is a vital threat to the cyber world. She narrated about a Ransomware attack happened to her dentist, she said that this kind of an attack happening to a dentist is barely unthinkable. Somebody in his organization had clicked on a random link and all of his patient records were frozen. Resultantly, he had to pay the ransom to get those records back. It is quite clear with incidents like these, as per Alexa, this type of attack mainly targets those people who aren’t so familiar with security hygiene. The number of these kinds of attacks is increasing as manufacturing of insecure and internet-connected devices has amplified. A better engineering and a better policy are required in the devices, said Alexa.

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Advice to Girls and Women Interested In Cybersecurity Field

Encouraging women for stepping into the cybersecurity field, Alexa told about how this cybersecurity is perfect for women. She said that for being perfect in cybersecurity, one needs to have an inquisitive mind, be a problem-solver, and see things in a holistic manner. She said, “For a problem that’s complex, you need to think holistically, you can’t compartmentalize. You have to think, how would a criminal look at your DNS architecture? Women tend to think holistically, and if you do, you will excel in this field.

Alexa advised, “The other piece of advice I would give is that you have got to be your own champion. Don’t wait for anyone to propose something to you or to give you the promotion that you deserve. You have to speak up. You have to be your own advocate, and you have to lay out the business case.”