Facebook Watch Discontinued Apple TV Users For Streaming Videos


The company ‘Meta’ has been discontinued the Facebook Watch, which is an app used for streaming the Facebook videos, livestreams and TV shows on the Apple TV. The users Apple TV is no longer going to have the access to Facebook Watch as the company has discontinued the app for the tvOS.

The Facebook Watch TV app has been no longer available and since the tvOS is lacking a web browser, there has been no other way to watch the videos of Facebook on the Apple TV except by using the AirPlay from the another device.

The company ‘Facebook’ announced that, the Apple Watch app for the videos on the Apple TV in the year 2017 after the first launch on the Samsung smart TVs. The app is also going to be available on the different other smart TVs and the consoles as well as on the desktop site and mobile app on Facebook.

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According to a company, on the Facebook Watch, the users can possibly discover the videos and original shows on the subjects like the news, sports, beauty, entertainment and food and the company also added that, for watching these videos on TV, the users can also download the Facebook Watch TV app or streaming to a TV from the mobile app of Facebook.