Facebook Signs Copyright Agreement Several Publishers in France


On Thursday, 21st October 2021, the social media company ‘Facebook’ had signed a preliminary copyright agreement with a lobby group of the news publishers of France, in which Facebook has been paving the way for it to pay for the content of the news on the company’s platforms in the region of France.

According to a source close to the matter said, this accord has been taking the form of a term sheet of few pages, and it has been followed by months of takes with the Alliance De la presse d’information generale (APIG), which has been a lobby representing leading dailies like the Le Figaro, Les Echos, and Le Monde.

The source also said, the preliminary deal has been responsible in listing the main principles of the accord and the fees of copyright because of each of its members, and the term sheet is also going to be followed by a framework agreement that is going to be allowing the members of APIG for signing the individual licenses with the company ‘Facebook’.

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According to the source, there are going to be two types of the licenses, one is going to be for the use of the news content on the main platform of Facebook and another is going to for the company’s upcoming Facebook News service that is going to be curating the stories from a selected set of the publications. The company also said, the Facebook News is going to be launched in the country of France in the year 2022.