Facebook Messenger to Launch Feature of ‘Split Payments’ in US


The Facebook Messenger owned by Meta has recently announced the new features in the application including the Split Payments on the platform for the Android and iOS user in the United States. The company also said that, it is also introducing the controls of voice message recording along with a mode for sending the disappearing messages.

The company also said that, the feature of the split payments has been now available in the United States on the Android and iOS phones, and for the purpose of using the Split Payments, the users should tap of the + icon in a group chat and then select the payments tab and then tap on the button ‘Get Started’.

The company also added that, from there, the users can easily split their bills evenly along with customizing the amount that each person owing, and then entering a personalized message, along with giving the confirmation to their payment details and also sending the request.

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The friends, who are new to the payments feature in the Facebook Messenger can now easily add the details of the payment for the purpose of sending and receiving the money, and the company also said that, it is going to launch a control of recording the voice messages so that, the users can pause, delete, preview and even continue recording a voice message before sending the message.

The company said that, they are also going to increase the duration period of the voice messages from one minute to 30 minutes.