Facebook Messenger is Testing a New Feature ‘Split Payments’ in US


Facebook Messenger said that, the company will begin the testing of a new feature known as ‘Split Payments’ that is responsible for introducing the way for the users for sharing the cost of the expenses and bills through the application or app.

The company said, this new feature has been a free and fast way for handling the finances through the Messenger app, and this new feature has also been launching the feature in next week for the users based in the United States.

The purpose of using the Split Payments feature, the users will have to click on the button ‘Get Started’ in a group chat or in the Payments Hub in the Messenger app, and from there the users can possibly split the bill or can also modify the amount for contribution for each individual or person in the group chat with or without including himself or herself in it.

The user can have the option for the purpose of entering a personalized message, and the users are also going to be asked for confirming their details of Facebook Pay after which their request is going to be sent in the chat thread of the group of the users.

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The company said that, if the users have been struggling with the splitting of the group dinners, along with sharing house hold expenses and also the monthly rent, all of this is about to get more easier, and the launch of this Split Payments feature has come as the Facebook Messenger has added the Venmo-like QR Codes for the purpose of making person-to-person payments.