Facebook Launches New Controls for Kids Using its Social Media Platforms


While facing heavy criticisms that the social media platforms of Facebook can possibly harm the kids or young users, Facebook has now announced the plans for purpose of launching the features that will be nudging the teens away from the harmful content along encouraging them to take breaks on the company’s popular Instagram app.

The company ‘Facebook’ has also been planning to introduce new controls for the kids on an optional basis so that, the parents can possibly supervise, what their kids are doing online, and these initiatives have come after the company has announced that, it had been pursuing the work on the project for Instagram for kids.

But the critics has been saying that, Facebook is lacking in providing the complete details, and they have also been sceptical that, the new features are going to be effective, and on Sunday, 10th October 2021, Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs at Facebook, has outlined the new controls along with the use of algorithms by Facebook and its role in spreading the harmful content.

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Nick Clegg said, they have been constantly iterating in order to improve their products, and they cannot, along with a wave of the wand, possibly make the life of everyone perfect, and what they can possibly do is improving their products, so that their products are going to be as safe and enjoyable to be used, and he also said, Facebook has invested 13 billion dollars over the last few years for keeping the social media platform safe.