Facebook Launches New Business and Messaging Tools for Brands


Facebook is going to be launching the new ways for the different businesses for identifying and chat with their potential customers on the application, as the company is now seeking to become an online shopping destination.

Karandeep Anand, vice president of business products at Facebook said, these new features are going to be responsible for helping the company ‘Facebook’, which has already been a leader in the digital advertising, to offer the personalized shopping experiences to the users.

The businesses are now going to be able for adding a button on their Instagram profiles for the purpose of letting the people to send a WhatsApp message to the company with just one click, and integrating the WhatsApp has particularly been very important for the customers on the countries like Brazil and India, where the messaging app owned by Facebook is being widely used.

Facebook said, it is going to start the testing of the ability for the brands for sending the emails through the feature called as Facebook Business Suite, that is responsible for letting the businesses to manage their presence across the applications of the social media site, fir the purpose of simplifying how the companies will reach the customers.

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This new business tool from Facebook comes just a day after the app ‘WhatsApp’ have started testing a new feature in the region of San Paulo, based in Brazil, for the purpose of letting the users to find the services and shops through a directory in the application for the first time, which has been a part of an effort for bolstering the ecommerce on the service.