Experts: New Subvariant of BA.2 Omicron Covid-19 Spreading Rapidly In US


The experts have said that, the BA.2 sub-variant of the Omicron covid-19 variant has given rise to its very own subvariants, whose share of a new corona virus cases in the United States has been growing. The novel corona virus has been constantly mutating and as some of the corona virus variants seems to vanish that has been causing little ripple of the increase in the wake of the covid-19 variants.

The experts are saying that, a new form of BA.2.12.1 has been spreading the rapidly increasing and is likely going to become the dominant form of the corona virus in the United States and there has been no indication yet that is causing more serious diseases.

In the previous week, the BA.2.12.1 subvariant has been made around 36 percent of all the new corona virus cases in the United States. According to the US CDC, that is up from the 26 percent of the covid-19 cases in the previous week and around 16 percent of the corona virus infections during the second week in the month of April 2022.

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This new variant has been first detected in the United States by the health officials of New York in the month of April 2022 and the variant has been spreading more rapidly than the first versions of the Omicron covid-19 variant, which has caused a large increase in the covid-19 cases. This new version of the Omicron covid-19 variant has descending from the BA.2 Omicron variant and is also appearing to have spread more quickly in the country.