European Union to Reimpose Travel Ban on People from US and 5 Other Nations


According to the two officials within the institutions of the European Union have confirmed that, the European Union Council is soon going to announce the decision for removing the United States and other countries from the list of epidemiologically safe third countries.

This removal of all the six countries from the list means that, member states of the European Union are also advised to re-impose the travel ban on the travellers from these countries so that, they will no longer be eligible for entering into the no restriction travel for the non-essential travel purposes like business and tourism.

According to the reports, the decision of re-imposing the travel ban on the travellers of the United States had been taken on 27th August 2021 but is also going to be officially announced in the upcoming days, and affected countries with the decision includes Kosovo, Israel, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Montenegro and the United States of America.

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The list of the epidemiologically safe third countries of the European Union has been a list of the non-European Union countries, which are mostly considered as safe amid the novel corona virus pandemic because of the low rats of the corona virus infections and the member countries of the European are also advised for reopening the borders for all the non-essential travellers coming from the six countries.

The list has also been reviewed every fort night, and the member countries of European Union are not bound legally in applying it, and the people living in the countries including San Marino, Andorra, and the Vatican are now considered as the resident of the European Union for the purpose of the recommendation.