European Union to Allow Non-Essential Travel from United States


The European Union (EU) has finally reached to an agreement for adding the United States of America and many other countries to the list of countries, which are going to be allowed to travel to the European Union member nations without any kind of essential purpose.

The recommendation from the European Union has been aiming to build several unified travel rules within the European Union and it is expected to be finalized in the coming days, that will be followed by the decisions from each of the European Union member state.

The European Union had banned all the non-essential travel from the United States and several other third countries because of the novel corona virus pandemic in the continent of Europe and across the world, although, as the covid-19 vaccination against the novel corona virus is increasing at a rapid speed, the ambassadors of the European Union have recommended that, the regional permit for the non-essential travel from many of the additional countries have been discussed in a meeting health on 16th June 2021.

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Along with United States, the other countries, which are going to be added to the non-essential travel list of European Union are Lebanon, Albania, North Macedonia, Taiwan, Serbia, and Macau and Hong Kong. Based on the official figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), as of 16th June 2021, the United States has recorded 33,51,678 novel corona virus cases and 594,888 fatalities.

Till now, the United States of America has administered around 311,886,674 novel corona virus vaccine doses, with the rate of around 1,111,866 corona virus doses a day.