European Union Starts Accepting Covid-19 Certificates from Ukraine, Turkey and North Macedonia


The European Union has started accepting the novel corona virus certificates that were issued by the countries including Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia, and these three countries have now also been connected to the system of the European Union and their covid-19 certificates or passes are going to be accepted under the similar conditions as the European Union Digital Covid-19 certificate from Friday, 27th August 2021.

The people travelling from the European Union are also going to be accepted in Ukraine, Turkey and North Macedonia if they are carrying the novel corona virus certificate of European Union, and the digital covid-19 certificate states that, the travelers have been fully vaccinated against the novel corona virus, and they have also tested negative for the same or recovering from the corona virus infection.

This move by the European Commission for adopting the three equivalent decisions has been aiming to facilitate the safe travel between the European Union and the neighbouring countries of European Union.

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Didier Reynders, commissioner for justice of European Union said, he has been pleased for seeing that, several countries are now implementing a system that is based on the European Union Digital Covid-19 Certificate, which is growing steadily, and they are also setting the standards on the international level, and he also said, this is going to provide help in facilitating the safe travel.

However, this announcement can possibly present problems that are related to the novel corona virus vaccines, which are nit recognized by the European Union.